Paths to Profitability

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Getting on a path to profitability often starts with one question. Watch a recent webinar to hear from other growers and find your own path to profitability. Access Now

Hear growers share their paths to profitability

Growers from across the country share about the questions they asked and paths they took that led their farms to greater profitability. Some have saved costs on inputs or optimized their working capital, while others have added new revenue streams, such as grazing or carbon credits, or used digital platforms to get a better price for their grain.

The benefits

Making your farming economics more resilient

From saving costs to earning additional revenue streams, adopting beneficial practices and optimizing your grain marketing strategy over time can help you to create a more resilient, profitable operation.

The economics of farming

See results from real growers who have made changes to their approach from soil to sale.

These case studies are provided for general informational purposes only. A number of variables can affect profitability. Individual results will vary. Indigo does not guarantee any results with respect to profitability of regenerative practices with respect to any individual grower.

*Source:  Progress Report July 2020