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    See You at COP28

    COP28, this year in Dubai, UAE, is expected to bring agriculture and food systems into the heart of this year's discussions, highlighting the importance of international...

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    See you at Climate Week NYC!

    Climate Week NYC is a key milestone in global efforts to shape the trajectory and success of sustainability initiatives. As agriculture is more and more recognized as a key...

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    Why Farmers Should Care About the Quality of Their Carbon Credits

    The demand for agricultural carbon credits is growing. Hundreds of Fortune 500 businesses are making commitments to purchase them in order to further their environmental...

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    What is Carbon Farming?

    Carbon farming is the process of changing agricultural practices to increase the levels of carbon in the soil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This type of regenerative...

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    What’s Driving the Demand for Agricultural Carbon Credits?

    The agricultural carbon marketplace is emerging. The buyers are all in, making commitments to available carbon credit and trying to find more. Their interest in credits is...

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    How Does Soil Carbon Sequestration Work?

    The science behind agricultural carbon sequestration offers a snapshot of the constant dialogue between the atmosphere, plants, and soils. It starts with photosynthesis—and...

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    What Makes a High Quality Carbon Credit?

    Businesses and consumers are laser-focused on making sure the carbon credits they buy are a true measure of progress against climate change.

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    The Key to Agricultural Carbon Markets: Measurement and Verification

    Agricultural soil carbon sequestration and emissions reductions can be immediate and affordable levers in addressing climate change, as suggested by the climate plans...

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    Grower Perspective: David Cleavinger

    Grower David Cleavinger discusses Indigo’s multi-faceted approach to improving the agricultural industry for the next generation I first learned about Indigo in July 2017,...

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