Press Release

Indigo appoints Dr. Mehmood Khan, MD, PepsiCo’s Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer, to Board of Directors

Indigo Agriculture / July 12, 2017


Watch: Technology Pioneer Q&A with David Perry at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the New Champions

Indigo Agriculture / June 28, 2017


A Movement Has Begun To Change The Way We Grow Our Food

Forbes / June 18, 2017

Press Release

Indigo named 2017 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum

Indigo Agriculture / June 14, 2017


Agtech Program Will Scour Fields For New Insights

AgWeb / May 11, 2017


Indigo Agriculture looks to make agriculture a growth industry

The Boston Globe / May 10, 2017

Press Release

Indigo launches Indigo Partners™, an innovative platform designed to evaluate and accelerate adoption of new technologies in agriculture

Indigo Agriculture / April 25, 2017

Press Release

Indigo announces appointment of new senior leaders to support company’s growth

Indigo Agriculture / April 03, 2017


Ag Companies Are Looking To Feed The World With Microbes

vocativ / March 15, 2017

"From the Ground Up": West Texas cotton yields 10% higher

KBTX / March 08, 2017

Press Release

New research data published in Frontiers in Microbiology confirm the microbiome’s potential to impact plant health

Indigo Agriculture / February 28, 2017


Agriculture takes promising step towards boosting crop yields

The Financial Times / January 10, 2017

Press Release

Indigo’s Preliminary Commercial Data Demonstrate Significant Yield Gains for Growers with Plant Microbiome Product

Indigo Agriculture / January 09, 2017

10 Mass. companies to watch in 2017

The Boston Globe / December 31, 2016

Press Release

Indigo to partner with Flinders University in South Australia

Indigo Agriculture / December 07, 2016

Farmers Are Manipulating Microbiomes to Help Crops Grow

Wired / October 10, 2016

Microbiome Companies Attract Big Investments

Wall Street Journal / September 18, 2016

To save on water, seeds get microbes

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette / July 23, 2016

Looking to double headcount, Charlestown food-tech startup raises $100M

Boston Business Journal / July 21, 2016

Indigo Raises $100M in Series C Funding; Company Launches First Commercial Product for Water Efficiency in Cotton

Indigo Agriculture / July 21, 2016

Q&A: Indigo's CEO Reveals the Logic Behind Its Plant Microbiome Technology

BostInno / July 21, 2016

Indigo Raises $100M Series C, the 'Largest' Private Equity Round for an AgTech Co

BostInno / July 21, 2016

[VIDEO] Innovating ag & boosting farmers' harvests

CNBC Squawk Alley / July 21, 2016

This Bug Startup Just Raised $100 Million To Fight Hunger

Fortune / July 21, 2016

New Way to Boost Crop Production Doesn’t Rely on GMOs or Pesticides

MIT Technology Review / July 21, 2016

Indigo racks up $100 mln Series C

PE Hub / July 21, 2016

[ARTICLE & VIDEO] A Seed Grows in Boston

TechCrunch / July 21, 2016

New probiotic seeds grow crops that require less water to survive

The Verge / July 21, 2016

Ag-tech startup Indigo raises $100 million new funding round

Reuters / July 21, 2016

Indigo’s Microbial Tech for Crops Lands $100M to Fight Plant Stresses

Xconomy / July 21, 2016

Indigo Agricultural Raises $100M for Microbiome Crop Technology

Wall Street Journal / July 21, 2016

Indigo Raises $100m in Agtech’s Largest Funding Round, Launches First Seed Coating Product

AgFunder / July 21, 2016

Plants have a microbiome just like humans — and it could transform how our food is produced

Business Insider / July 21, 2016

Indigo raises $100m to help grow hardier crops

The Boston Globe / July 20, 2016

Will microbes save agriculture?

The Los Angeles Times / June 02, 2016

Indigo Is Researching Microbes So We Can Feed the next Billion People

Big Think / April 14, 2016

One Startup’s Plan to Grow More Crops: Put The Germs Back In

The Verge / February 19, 2016

These Probiotics For Plants Could Help Feed The World

Fast Company / February 18, 2016

Startup Indigo wants to use bacteria to create hardy super-crops.

The Boston Globe / February 18, 2016

This Startup Wants to Use Bacteria to Revolutionize How Our Food Is Produced

Fortune / February 18, 2016

Startup Bets Its Magic Touch on Seeds Can Boost Crop Yields

MIT Technology Review / February 18, 2016

Indigo Agriculture Digs Up $30.5M to Bring Probiotics to Plants

Wall Street Journal / February 18, 2016

Indigo Is Mapping Plant Microbiomes To Produce Next Generation Crops

TechCrunch / February 18, 2016