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For Growers

Increase your profitability and reduce your risk

For Buyers

Connect to a network of growers to ensure identity preservation, cost savings, and quality

Progress Report: Regeneration on the American Farm

Indigo has built the first current, coast-to-coast map for regenerative farming practices, powered by Indigo’s Atlas satellite technology as well as ground and historical agronomic data. The resulting impact on profit and land resiliency was a focus of this 1,498-county, 3.4M-field study from 2017 to 2019, covering 90% of American farmland.

Our Statement on Black Lives Matter

We condemn the continued pattern of racism towards Black people. Focusing on sustainability means supporting the well-being of the planet and all of its people.

Brewing a more beneficial beer

Now in season 2 together, Indigo Ag and Anheuser-Busch are harnessing nature to brew a more sustainable beer with rice that reduces water, nitrogen, and emissions and increases grower profitability.

Thank you, ag community

Lots of advice is circulating these days amidst COVID-19. For the agriculture community, resilience is a way of life, overcoming challenging seasons for generations. To those feeding & fueling the world: thank you.

Marketplace: a new way to buy and sell grain

Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling grain, with tools designed for protection and flexibility. Growers can earn more for the quality of their crops, and buyers can source products that meet their specifications.

Carbon: earning extra income for enriching soil carbon

What if helping your bottom line began with your soil? Indigo Carbon helps you generate a healthier bottom line and improve farm productivity.

Transport: an efficient hauling service

Through Indigo Transport, a digital logistics platform connecting shippers and carriers of agricultural products, hauling is an efficient and hassle-free process. From pick-up to delivery, we can streamline the logistics.

Terraton: join the global movement

The world's 12 billion acres of agricultural soils offer the most immediate, scalable, and affordable opportunity to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. To get to the root of climate change, let’s start with the ground beneath our feet.

Open Quotation MarkWe've bagged a lot of bushels of grain this year and that gave me the opportunity to use the Indigo Marketplace. I get on there daily, and almost daily, they're sending me new bids.Close Quotation Mark

Jeremy Butler

Macksville, KS


Open Quotation MarkI'd recommend using Indigo to my neighbors. I had some poor ground that wouldn’t grow soybeans. That’s where we put the Indigo. Well, they looked good all year and the best yield we have ever had on that ground. If you were to ask me, I'd say 'hammer down' and go with Indigo. Close Quotation Mark

Chad Waddill



Open Quotation MarkAfter growing with Indigo last season, I want to be plugged into what’s coming next. Indigo is a company filled with innovation and I want to get in early. My Indigo Soybeans came up quicker, looked healthier, and was some of the best I produced this year. Close Quotation Mark

Dennis Funk




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