Connecting Sustainability & Profitability

Linking farmers with supporting companies in an effort
to protect our planet & improve farmers’ bottom line

The Indigo Carbon program provides verified, nature-based credits to companies while supporting farmers in their transition towards more beneficial agriculture

Farming for resilient soil

Reducing tillage, adding cover crops, and rotating crops are just some of the steps farmers can take to bring carbon back into the soil and begin to earn credits. To intensify the impact on the soil, farmers can implement multiple practices resulting in resilient soil and a more profitable operation.

Secure, high quality, verified credits

Companies interested in supporting farmers can trust their investment. Innovative protocols, from Climate Action Reserve and Verra, incorporate decades of research and scientific advancements necessary to unlock the massive global potential for offset projects on cropland. We also pledge to keep farmer’s data secure as they enroll in our program.

Join companies & farmers leading the way


We are looking for ways to use regeneration – especially with cover crops – to maximize that output. If you can make your business thrive without putting as many chemicals in, then you are going to end up making a more profitable crop.

Ray Sneed | Tennessee


Soil is one of nature's most powerful carbon storage solutions. The world needs ambitious companies like Indigo Ag to develop and scale soil-based projects to help stop climate change.

Stacy Kauk | Director, Shopify's Sustainability Fund

Our certifiers rigorously evaluate credits to ensure a high-quality market backed by protocols

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