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    Indigo has given us the opportunity and support to improve our land and our income. As the carbon credit market expands, our income can keep growing with increasing carbon prices and our increasing carbon impact, because we're not just getting paid for our practice changes. We're getting paid top dollar for what we're accomplishing. We’re only getting started, and the income potential is a huge incentive for us to expand these practices.

    CHRISTOPHER LEHE, Farmer in Brookston, IN with 4,000 acres enrolled in Carbon by Indigo

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    From grain buyers to sustainable companies to carriers, roles across agriculture are addressing their needs with Indigo solutions.

    Grain buyers are digitally connecting
    to more farmers on Market+

    Leverage technology that enables grain buyers to solve their growing business challenges.

    The grain merchandising industry is rapidly going through a digital transition, and we are deeply invested in ensuring farmers come out on top. As an independent partner, Indigo is uniquely positioned to put the best technology expertise to work for the benefit of the industry. The value and efficiencies that Market+ offers [...] provide a premier resource to help navigate market changes and monetize new opportunities to the fullest.

    Matt Carstens, President and CEO of Landus

    Companies are unlocking agriculture to meet their ESG goals

    Support farmers adopting climate-friendly farming practices and source carbon credits for your company.

    We have had a longstanding attention to environmental stewardship because we know that our collective success depends on it. We’ve been waiting to be able to funnel money towards carbon neutral certification in a way that builds value for our farmers’ businesses. That wasn’t possible until Indigo Ag’s verification standard was approved. It gives us a market mechanism to drive revenue to farmers and helps all of us to succeed.

    Katie Wallace, Director of Social & Environmental Impact at New Belgium Brewing

    The dry bulk grain industry is leveraging a transportation platform connecting shippers and carriers

    Find loads without a broker and source back hauls with Market+ Transport.

    "Consistency is the biggest issue today for agricultural transport – we need steady work. I like how Indigo handles the business for us. When they find something in the area, I get the whole contract at once. With other companies, there are a lot of hoops you have to jump through to get the ball rolling. I didn’t have to go through all that with Indigo – the account manager did exactly what he said he was going to do."

    Frank Williams

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