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    Posts by Jim Cink

    Protect Crops from Heat and Drought with Microbes

    If you've noticed that growing seasons are feeling hotter lately, you're not alone. Last July set a new record for the hottest month on Earth, and that scorching heat has...

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    For This Season's Weather Changes, Biologicals Bring Stability

    Jim Cink has a PhD in toxicology and is Indigo Ag's Director of Marketing for Biological Solutions. When it comes to weather, often the only thing people agree on is to wait...

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    Taking on Soybean Cyst Nematodes and Winning

    Indigo Ag is not afraid of taking on tough challenges. And nematodes—especially soybean cyst nematodes—are some of the toughest ones out there.

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    Indigo Develops Innovative New Bionematicide for Spring 2023 Planting Season

    With spring planting season just around the corner, Indigo is making its first ever US biological nematicide product available to farmers for field trials, following rigorous...

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