What I Wish I Had Known: Hear from Experienced Carbon Farmers

    May 18, 2023

    Innovators in any field are an interesting bunch. They have excellent vision of what the future may become and also hold a high threshold for the uncertainty that comes with forging new ways of doing things to achieve new outcomes. This also means that they are often doggedly determined to iterate until they find an approach that works. They’re also hyper observant, earnestly asking why and how questions to better understand both the big picture and the fine details.

    There’s so much we all can learn from an innovator’s experiences—especially in agriculture. Farmers have to consider so many factors when making decisions about their farm’s short- and long-term viability - weather patterns and environmental stressors, soil health, input costs, commodity and land prices. As we consider the future of agriculture and our individual farm operations, it helps to hear from innovative farmers about the possibilities they envision, and the learnings they’ve discovered by iterating on different farming methods. It is the innovators who push the envelope of our collective agronomic knowledge and assumptions while also developing ingenuous solutions to vexing application or management challenges.

    Join us Thursday, June 1, at 12:30 p.m. CDT, for a panel discussion with innovative farmers. They’ll share insights on the practices they have implemented to solve problems for their farm operations, improve profitability, reduce costs, and improve soil productivity. These farmers have iterated on planting techniques and equipment design, cover crop selection, management, and termination, and fertility measurement and management, among others – practices that not only help farmers with cost savings and stronger yields, but also often qualify for the Carbon by Indigo program, which can provide an additional revenue stream. Take advantage of their insights and lessons by listening to this virtual event and asking our panelists questions. Doing so may help you avoid a costly misstep while moving your farm toward a stronger future.

    Watch the on-demand recording of the webinar today.

    Webinar content includes information based on generally applicable, currently available information. Actual results and outcomes may vary. The practices and strategies discussed during the webinar may not be beneficial or the best for your specific operation. All operators should independently consider the potential risks and benefits of adopting any specific practice or strategy, which is solely at each operation’s individual risk. Indigo does not guarantee any specific outcomes or results.