Spring Success: Profitability Strategies Webinar Preview

    March 28, 2023

    At the start of every growing year and planting season we have the opportunity to evaluate our strategies and techniques and optimize them for greater success. As growers, as the saying goes, we each have only about 40 chances. But how we make use of those chances will determine the arc of success in each of our farming careers.

    As we gear up for the 2023 spring planting season, we have to remind ourselves that planting success doesn’t just happen, it’s cultivated. It isn’t just a matter of perfect timing, and it is much more than planter/drill setup (even though that last one is really important too). It involves understanding how we can actively manage moisture, nutrient availability, and soil structure to create the best possible soil environment for consistent seed placement, and even crop emergence. Yes, we are dependent on the weather, but we can also optimize our opportunities with what we can control. A successful planting season favors the prepared.

    Tune in for Indigo’s Spring Success webinar on Thursday, March 30, at 1:30 Central Time, featuring Indigo and partner experts on:

    • Nutrient Management - how to adjust soil fertility when reducing tillage and planting covers
    • Managing Moisture - the best strategies for conserving limited moisture or shedding excess moisture
    • Equipment Expertise - setting yourself up for success with planters and drills for reduced tillage and cover crops
    • Planting into Green Covers - tips on when, how and why

    Not only will you hear from agronomists with Indigo and Amplify Ag, but you will also have the opportunity to have your questions answered by a team of Indigo experts live during the webinar. Learning one new strategy or getting the right guidance can dramatically change your growing season’s success.

    Register now for this free webinar to gain insights on preparing your fields with the right balance of moisture, nutrients, and stress resistance.