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Kasey Bryant Bamberger

On her family’s farm in Ohio, Kasey Bryant Bamberger uses digital technology and natural microbiology to enrich her soil and produce a healthier crop. In their first year of using cover crops and no-till, they have already seen a large-scale weed reduction.

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Adam Chappell

A decade after taking his first steps toward practices that benefit the soil, Adam continues to maximize his profitability and reduce his expenses by introducing new practices.

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Ken Rulon

Indiana farmer Ken Rulon has been using no-till and cover crops for decades—and has the data to shows benefits. Some of those benefits include increasing his profitability by reducing costs on pesticides and insecticides and focusing on having something in the ground all year.

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Kyle Schnell

Iowa grower Kyle Schnell found the more he applies beneficial practices such as cover crops, grazing, reduced inputs, no no-till, the more his profits increase. He spends less and earns more.

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Mike Bretz

Mike Bretz's point of view was: “If we can actually make agriculture more profitable and improve soil health, why not go do it?” Mike jumped in headfirst with all 450 acres into regenerative practices, planting cover crops last fall and going for another round this spring.

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Steve Anderson

In 2013, crop prices were falling faster than the input prices, making turning a profit hard to impossible. The changes Steve made helped him make a profit and have more time with his family.

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Tony Hein

With mounting chemical prices, Tony Hein thought to himself, “I’ve got to do something different.” Reducing inputs and enrolling in Indigo Carbon have helped Tony save costs while improving their soil health.

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Listen to GrainWaves

How do you build a successful grain marketing plan? What are the right contracts or pricing tools to use? How do you manage the stress of selling? Get closer to the answers with GrainWaves: a series offering real-time insights into the grain markets. Every week, we break down how to prepare for, find, and execute on rare and changing market opportunities.

Featured episode: Disciplined Marketing Plans

Facilitating profitable agribusiness decisions with data-driven media

In this episode of GrainWaves, hosts Gabe and Rodney discuss simple, straightforward solutions, like a disciplined marketing plan, to bring consistent value to your operation. 

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