Thousands of decisions led to this harvest

On this National Farmers Day, we say thank you for the progress and resilience you’ve shown in feeding and fueling the world in 2020. Watch the video, and get inspired for the questions we can ask together next year.

What question are you looking
to answer next?

Through 2020's challenges, you watched volatile markets, navigated tough weather, and now are amidst harvest. Maybe you started the season with a question, "What if I reduced inputs," or are ending with one, "How can I get the best price for my grain?"

"How could I become more profitable?"

Growers from across the country share the questions they asked as they started on a path to greater profitability. Some have saved costs on inputs or optimized their working capital, while others have used digital platforms to get a better price for their grain.

"How can I strengthen my grain marketing plan?"

The GrainWaves podcast brings you real-time analysis into the grain markets from our hosts, Rodney Connor and Gabe Sheets-Poling. Combined, the two have over 35 years of experience in agriculture and grain trading.

"How can Indigo help?"

Join an upcoming webinar, Paths to Profitability: Getting to Know Indigo, to hear Indigo leaders give an overview of all of our products and services and have your questions answered.

A chance to celebrate you & your work this season

Between agronomy and finances, grain marketing and machinery, every season has its challenges and decisions. You’ve withstood hurricanes and the derecho, COVID-19 and falling prices. But you, like agriculture, have demonstrated resilience in the face of these market and environmental challenges. For that, we say thank you and offer our continued support.

Let us help with next
season's decisions

In an upcoming virtual event, farmers share their P&Ls from this season, as well as highlight which decisions had the biggest financial impact on their operation.