The GrainWaves podcast brings you real-time insights and analysis of grain marketing decisions from our hosts, Rodney Connor and Gabe Sheets-Poling. Combined, the two have over 35 years of experience in agriculture and grain trading. Rodney’s focus has been on the mathematics behind different pricing decisions; Gabe’s has been on behavioral economics. Listen in to this grain marketing podcast as we answer your major market questions around volatility, positions, hedging, and much more.

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Live with Grainwaves

EP. 12 | 6/4/20: The first live recording of the GrainWaves podcast, where the guys discuss the components of a modern grain marketing plan – and how you can successfully assemble them.

Disciplined Marketing Plans

EP. 11 | 6/3/20: There's always reasons to break from a profitable path – like trying to meet cash flow needs, betting on the come, or becoming overwhelmed with the complexity of transactions. But there are simple, straightforward solutions, like a disciplined marketing plan, to bring consistent value to your operation. Plus: Rodney explains why machine learning and AI scientists are some of his favorite people to work with when figuring out an average basis price.

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Balancing emotion & logic

Our hosts align head and heart to get to the truths behind any good grain marketing decision.

Meet Gabe Sheets-Poling

Gabe has 20 years of experience at the intersection of behavioral finance, markets and technology, helping farmers and ranchers work through difficult pricing decisions and businesses innovate with new trading platforms. Today, Gabe is the head of global markets and pricing for Indigo. Past experiences include Cargill, where Gabe had a leadership role in trading technologies, operations and portfolio management.

Translating market swings and maintaining logic-driven pricing strategies is a lot to consider in regular conditions, never mind during planting season. Doing so in moments of added uncertainty or stress like today’s pandemic is much more so.

Meet Rodney Connor

Rodney has 15 years of experience trading grain, first with Cargill, then with Growmark, and now with Indigo as the Senior Director of Global Markets and intelligence.

He still lives near the farm he grew up on in Dwight, Illinois, and today serves as the president for the town's economic alliance. When not working with his community or advising farmers, Rodney can be found spending time with his wife and three daughters.

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