Upcoming Webinar: Learn How to Equip Yourself to Win the Weather Battle

    September 28, 2023
    The 2023 growing season featured drought or drought risk for much of the Midwest and Plains. Few frustrating situations are as maddening as watching crops suffer while being unable to do anything about it. I’d like to say that this year is unique, but if you farm, you know you are in a war with weather and each season is a battle. Some feature drought, others early or late frost, excess precipitation, unending heat, or high humidity allowing disease to advance. Those few, perfect weather years often stand out in the minds of experienced growers.
    Sun Tzu, the famous Chinese military general and philosopher, noted that every battle is won or lost long before it is fought.

    Join us for a webinar on October 4, as Indigo brings together a panel of agronomic experts to discuss strategies for winning the weather battle long before it is fought. You'll hear from Rob Meyers with the Center for Regenerative Agriculture, Brian Bartle Partner Enablement with Indigo Ag, and Jake Linneman with Indigo Ag.

    These panelists will cover:
    • Which agronomic practices can best shift the weather battle in your favor to fight against drought and excess precipitation
    • Details on how these practices change the game for your soil while making it more productive Steps you can take to begin to implement these practices and have success
    • How you can earn extra income from implementing these practices Win the battle before it is fought. Attend this webinar to gain insights in strategies to better take on weather challenges. 

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