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    Soil Health Scares: How Carbon Farming Solves Agronomic Nightmares

    October 26, 2022

    It is scary story season. That time of year when we allow ourselves to be entertained by the scariness of the unknown. While entertaining for most people, the unknown can truly be scary for farmers. So often we farmers are faced with a multitude of unknowns throughout the growing season. Rather than providing entertainment, having our livelihoods dependent on the unknown creates added pressure only to amplify the anxiety.

    But there can be value to our management abilities and farm profitability in allowing ourselves to be entertained by the unknown. Learning how others made mistakes in managing weather challenges or missed the negative consequences of conventional practices teaches us important lessons we can apply to our own operations. There is also value in busting the ghosts of carbon farming practices: those scary assumptions we think we see, but upon further investigation there are simple explanations. Even experienced cover croppers and no tillers may find insights when we explore stories of cover crop or no till ghosts.

    Join Indigo Ag on October 27 at 2:30 p.m. CT for a virtual discussion on “Soil Health Scares” where we’ll dive into stories where things went wrong and analyze the source of the problem. We’ll be joined by Chris Kniffen, Director of Agronomy at Midwestern BioAg, and Darrin Unruh, regenerative agronomist at Indigo as well as a Kansas farmer. Most importantly, we’ll discuss how to avoid these scary situations before they happen or how to quickly and effectively solve them before they have serious consequences for your operation.

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