3 Ways to Celebrate World Environment Day

    To highlight the importance of caring for our planet and its people, the UN designated World Environment Day in 1972, with this year’s theme being Ecosystem Restoration.

    In honor of the day, we’re rounding up a few ways to celebrate ecosystem restoration from the ground up. Farmers can improve the soil health of their farm by implementing regenerative farming practices – such as adding cover crops or reducing tillage – to draw down atmospheric carbon and restore agricultural soil.

    1. Learn the basics of soil sequestration

      Brush up on your photosynthesis lessons from science class and go a little deeper into understanding microbial communities in agricultural soils. Read about soil sequestration.

      CarbonCylce Diagram

    2. Understand the scale & impact

      On-farm practice changes have the potential to make a meaningful difference in ecosystem restoration. Explore how healthier soil can improve the resilience of farmland. View the interactive map. 

    3. Hear from farmers implementing these changes on the ground

      See firsthand how restorative, beneficial practices can improve a farmer’s bottom line. Hear the stories of farmers who are already experiencing healthier soil and profitability by adopting practices like cover crops and reduced tillage. Watch below.