What Indigo Ag's Partnership with Anheuser-Busch means for the future of microbes and agriculture.

Committed to developing a strong and sustainable agricultural future, Indigo Agriculture has partnered with key industry players to break new ground in the production of food and fiber. In the U.S., for example, Indigo recently announced a partnership with the country’s leading brewer, Anheuser-Busch, in which 2.2 million bushels of sustainably produced rice will be delivered for beer production. Within this supply agreement, rice will be produced with a 10% reduction in water and nitrogen fertiliser, while emitting 10% less greenhouse gases when compared to industry benchmarks.

Opportunities for similar local partnerships are vast, according to Indigo  Commercial Operations Manager Manager, Bill Dwyer. “The US partnership was the first of-its-kind to offer growers an end-to-end solution that incentivises the commercial production of sustainable rice,” Dwyer said. “Indigo Australia is keen to explore opportunities to partnership with local end users of cereal crops, particularly in the food and beverage industry.”

Cereal crop treated with Indigo’s microbial technology have demonstrated significant improvements during their first commercial seasons within Australia. Discovered in nature and optimised with machine learning, the company’s microbial seed coatings help to maximise yields while increasing a crop’s tolerance to drought stress. Across Indigo Wheat and Indigo Barley, an average yield uplift of 7.6% was analysed across 8,000 hectares. 

“This represents a significant increase in production capability, sustainability, and producer profits,” Dwyer said, “while also proving beneficial for commercial and industry collaborators.”

 Dwyer notes that Indigo is thrilled to partner with a company that shares the company’s vision for beneficial agriculture. He said, “By collaborating with leaders across the supply chain, we can conserve natural resources, preserve farmland for future generations, and produce healthier final products.”

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