Press Release: Indigo Agriculture Australia's 2018 Field Trial Results

2018 Indigo Barley and Indigo Wheat Demonstrate Over Seven Percent Yield Improvement Across Commercial Acres in Australia.

Indigo Agriculture, a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet, has released 2018 barley and wheat data from over 8,000 hectares of commercial production in Australia. Indigo Wheat and Indigo Barley, the first commercially available Indigo crops in Australia, leverage naturally occurring microbes living inside the plant to maximise yield and increase crop tolerance to drought and heat stress. 

Of the 8,000 hectares analysed, yield uplift averaged 7.6 percent. Analysis of last season’s commercial Indigo Wheat crop in the Victorian Mallee, South Australian Mallee, Wimmera, York Peninsula, and NSW Riverina districts resulted in a 7.4 percent yield uplift across more than 5,000 hectares. An area of 3,000 hectares of Indigo Barley, also planted across the same regions, showed a 7.7 percent yield increase.

With the commercial launch of Indigo Wheat and Indigo Barley in the Australian market in 2018, after a successful trial period both here and abroad, Bill Dwyer, Commercial Operations Manager for Indigo Australia, said the latest results further cement the company’s potential to significantly improve on-farm productivity – and bottom lines. For an Australian wheat grower producing 1 tonne/ha, Indigo’s 7.4% uplift represents an extra $16.20 per hectare for the 2018 season.

“Farmers can protect their crop throughout the growing season and mitigate the impact of environmental stress with Indigo’s microbial treatments applied to their seed prior to sowing,” Dwyer said. “This innovation is perfectly suited to Australian conditions and is a real game changer, particularly for our more marginal regions during tough seasons, such as the one much of the eastern growing belt endured in 2018.”

The commercial wheat yield results are supported by experimental data generated through independent field trials conducted by the University of Sydney during the 2018 season. The replicated wheat trials were planted at the University’s Narrabri site in northern New South Wales, and the analysis found a yield increase of 8 percent per hectare and a 20 percent decrease in screenings.

“These results are quite exciting and represent a significant advancement in mitigating seasonal production and price volatility,” Dwyer said. “Every season is a gamble, but with proven results, Indigo Agriculture reduces the risk of low yields due to drought and heat stress.”

With a number of growers throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia partnering with Indigo Agriculture in 2018, Dwyer said that the product will now be available in all states this coming winter season.

He also explained that Indigo’s products enable improved water uptake, allowing the plants to better withstand water-scarce conditions while boosting crop productivity, limiting the need for added water and other inputs.

 “Drought plagued the cropping areas of the East Coast for much of the 2018 winter and summer seasons,” explained Dwyer “With recent rainfall, we have everything crossed that this is just the start.  The latest yield results from Indigo Agriculture are extremely timely and signify a hopeful solution for the 2019 growing season”.

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