Australia's summer cropping season is fast approaching

While summer cropping prospects across much of rural Australia remain on tenderhooks without significant rain, Indigo Ag is helping ensure growers can hit the ground running once the season does turn.

Off the back of one of rural Australia’s most challenging winter seasons, hopes are now pinned solely on a successful summer crop in northern New South Wales and Queensland.

As such, Indigo Ag’s Peter McMeekin believes the adoption of Indigo Cotton and Indigo Sorghum, couldn’t be more timely.

“Developed in the USA and designed to assist plants overcome periods of environmental stress, treated crops are able to leverage naturally occurring microbes to improve health and development across each phase of life resulting in higher yields.”

Indigo’s seed treatments are applied to the seed on-farm prior to planting and are based on microbes that have evolved, in conjunction with plants, over millions of years - optimizing their health and maximizing their productivity.

A series of grower meetings scheduled over the coming months across Queensland and NSW will help growers prepare for the summer season ahead, while fostering relationships between producers and Indigo Ag.

“Despite the season, we’re keen to get out and about and meet with growers first-hand, explain the technology and ultimately partner up to build data on these products locally,” Peter explained.

“Average yield increases of almost to eight percent have been achieved in wheat and barley across both commercial and independent trials during the 2017 and 2018 growing seasons.”

“By collaborating with growers over the summer cropping season, we are confident of achieving similar results.”

While the outlook for summer remained grim, Mr McMeekin said there were isolated pockets in southern Queensland with some stored moisture.

During the grower meetings, Indigo programs such as The Terraton Initiative, launched recently in the US to create and secure a profitable carbon market for growers, would also be up for discussion, as well as the microbial technology behind Indigo products.

However, given the season, Mr McMeekin said that more than anything, these meetings would be an opportunity for growers to get off-farm, enjoy a meal out and a few beers in a relaxed, social setting.

“While we’re excited to be introducing Indigo’s science-based technology, we’re also very mindful to be supporting our farmers through this challenging season - as such we want these meetings to be a helpful social opportunity,” Mr McMeekin explained.

“We have everything crossed that Indigo can prove a timely solution for the 2019/20 summer season, and that when the rains do fall, growers will be well informed and able to act immediately.”


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