How Can We Bring Transparency to Know How Our Food is Produced?

    October 20, 2021


    Today’s consumers are asking more and more: how, and at what cost to the environment, does food reach my table?

    A supply chain is like a web – a vast system of sprawling connections between different players, work, and ideas. For this reason, mapping a supply chain so it is "transparent" is a complicated task. Especially in agriculture, when the beginning of the supply chain – food production – is so distinct from selling food to consumers. It's possible, though. Tracing a product from its origins to its final destination starts with access to the right data. 

    Indigo has developed technologies that can uncover data on everything from growing crops to delivering those crops. Some of those technologies include:



    Indigo’s remote sensing algorithms illuminate geospatial boundaries of fields and verify historical and current practices on the farm at scale.

    On-farm Sensors

    Indigo experiments with and deploys an array of on-farm sensors that capture data streams on everything from carbon and nutrient content to irrigation timing. These sensors capture data without need for being physically present on the farm.
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    Farm Management Software Integration

    Data management systems run by popular brands like John Deere already exist at an advanced state. Indigo develops capabilities to unify disparate pieces of agronomic and machine data in one place for easier transfer of information.

    Digital Logistics

    Last-mile operations such as crop delivery, fulfillment, and settlement are crucial parts of the agriculture supply chain. Indigo's marketplace captures these crucial post-harvest steps of crop marketing and elevates them from their original life on paper to a data stream that is available electronically.

    We work with brands & agribusinesses to illuminate their ag supply chain

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