Meet your ESG targets by influencing your ag supply chain

    Looking for measurable ways to reduce your Scope 3 emissions? Our Market+ Source program helps your corporation make meaningful progress toward climate action goals through scaled implementation of sustainable farming practices within your existing supply chain, measuring the impact of verified agricultural practices with scientific rigor, and rewarding the farmers who have implemented them.

    How can your corporation benefit from Market+ Source to deliver measurable impact in your ag supply chain?

    How Market+ Source works

    1: Measure

    We capture on-farm sustainability practices and primary data directly from farmers to calculate GHG reductions, carbon intensity, and other metrics for specific crops produced within your company’s value chain.​

    2: Monitor

    Utilizing advanced satellite imagery, field sensors, automated event capture, and farm practice documentation, our MRV technology and program methodology validate practice adoption and ensure that real environmental benefits are achieved, for accurate Scope 3 claims reporting.​

    3: Mobilize

    We work directly with farmers and agribusiness/co-op partners to catalyze change in your specific supply chain, including tracking crop delivery. Farmers earn a premium for their sustainably grown crops delivered into your supply chain.​

    Hear from companies working with us

    Exceeding goals with

    High-quality rice has been a core ingredient of Anheuser-Busch beers for more than a century. Our partnership demonstrates how sustainable agriculture programs can meet consumer demands for climate positive products while also enabling growers to increase their profitability.

    Indigo Ag’s sustainable rice program has been a true testament of the many successes of a farmer – buyer relationship. Defining clear objectives and working with the talented Indigo team to harness farmers’ potential has been such a rewarding experience in the rice industry. Sustainable production practices and data validation are critical to protecting our license to operate and the exciting piece of it all is that the farmers can implement strategies to reduce their inputs and footprint, all while earning a premium for their efforts. This is a program that should set the industry standard for growing rice in critical or at-risk areas.

    Bill Jones, Rice Agronomy Manager, Anheuser-Busch

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    Supporting farmers in adopting regenerative practices with The North Face

    The North Face is working towards science-based targets including that 100% of the top materials for apparel will be recycled, regeneratively sourced, or responsibly sourced by 2025. To help achieve this goal, The North Face worked with Indigo to source cotton grown with farming practices that prioritize soil health and environmental stewardship, such as no-till and cover crops, as well as purchasing agricultural carbon credits.

    As the first apparel brand to partner with Indigo, we are excited about the positive environmental impacts regenerative cotton production can have not only for The North Face products, but for our industry as a whole. Regenerative products have the ability to shift the industry from simply ‘doing less harm’ to actually replenishing or having a positive impact on nature and resources, and as a brand that is committed to protecting the outdoor places we love to play, we believe this is another critical step in addressing climate change impacts in our supply chain.

    Carol Shu, Senior Manager of Global Sustainability, The North Face

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    Collaborating on land stewardship

    Walmart collaborated with Indigo Ag on a project to source Great Value Rice from Arkansas, grown with on-farm practices that demonstrate water and land stewardship.

    Sustainability you can trust

    multibillion dollar companies served
    Nature-Farming - Farming - farming-barn-1
    years of established Scope 3 expertise
    15 k
    metric tons of emissions reduced
    23 M
    sustainably sourced bushels & bales delivered or committed
    6 B+
    gallons of water saved

    Farmers are meeting the demands of consumers


    I've been working with Indigo for three years and it's been exciting. This is the second year I'm working on the sustainable rice marketing program with Anheuser-Busch and Walmart. Indigo has a goal to make sure that the farmer remains profitable, and that's been key for me.

    Greg Baltz | Pocahontas, Arkansas, Running Lake Farms

    Frequently asked questions

    What types of companies can benefit from working with Market+ Source?

    Any company with agriculture in their supply chain that has goals around climate-action, sustainability, and responsible sourcing can benefit from working with us. Market+ Source helps you source crops grown with verified practices, enables tangible progress toward your climate-action goals, and measures environmental impact of agriculture supply chains with scientific rigor.

    Which crops are included in Market+ Source?

    The most common crops we support today are rice, wheat, corn, and cotton. We can support a range of grains and oilseeds though, so please reach out to discuss how we may help with your individual needs.

    What sustainability impact programs does Market+ Source offer?

    We offer the following programs that enable the sourcing of crops grown with verified sustainable practices:

    • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduction
    • Water Stewardship and Conservation Soil Stewardship
    • Biodiversity Enhancement and Protection

    These programs include impact quantification and reporting for companies to demonstrate verifiable progress towards their environmental goals.

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