3 Tips for Farmers to Plan for a Successful Season

    December 21, 2020

    Hear from three Indigo agronomists – Monica Campen in Missouri, Bryan Randall in Ohio, and Evan Brehm in Iowa – on the steps they are taking with Indigo growers across the country to ensure a successful 2021.

    1. Consider what’s going into the ground – it’s never too early.

      Agronomist Monica Campen suggests farmers consider fertility plans, nutrient management, and seed selection. Learn more about how biotrinsic™ by Indigo can make your crops more resilient.
    2. Join virtual events and learn more about potential new practices to add to your operation.

      Agronomist Bryan Randall proposes using the winter to learn new on-farm practices. Hear from Indigo’s field team experts, growers implementing practices to improve their soil health, grain merchandising partners, and more in our webinar series. Join us for an upcoming event.

    3. Create a game plan for the 2021 season and ensure it ladders up to a 5-year plan.

      Agronomist Evan Brehm recommends speaking to your trusted adviser and learning from other growers on the changes they’ve made to improve profitability on their operation. Watch Paths to Profitability.


    Each grower should independently evaluate whether to adopt certain agronomic practices. There are inherent risks in any practices and results may vary broadly for each individual operation based on a number of variables. Indigo does not represent or warrant to any specific results or outcomes.