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    Posts by Ryan Daly

    Meet Trey Bowers, a Second-Generation Farmer Bringing More Sustainable Practices to His Rice Fields

    Second-generation rice farmer Trey Bowers does not want to be stuck in his ways. He is always looking to make his rice, corn, and soybean operation more profitable. That...

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    Meet 3 Former Grain Buyers Working on Market+

    A diverse group of people, including former originators and merchandisers, are working together to build the next generation of grain merchandising technology. What brought...

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    Farmer Pain Points: Seedling Disease in Double-Cropped Soybeans

    May 27, 2022. The best laid plans, in farming, are always close to going awry. Heat waves, heavy rain events, and disease stress can disrupt an otherwise healthy crop—and...

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    With Carbon Farming Practices, These 3 Farmers are Earning Credits

    For Earth Week, we’ve rounded up the latest interviews in our Paths to Profitability series, which features farmers from across the country and the questions they asked...

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    3 Questions on Grain Merchandising Technology at NGFA CEC

    “What if you could manage the entire lifecycle of a grain transaction through a single application?” This was the question that brought together a few of Indigo’s crop...

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    Meet the Winners of Indigo’s Soil Health Challenge, Iowa farmers Ryan and Phil Heiniger

    Even though Ryan Heiniger hasn’t always been farming, he’s always stayed close to the management of land, its resources, and safeguarding the wildlife who inhabit it. The...

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    A Farmer's Perspective for Earth Day

    “Just take one of the pictures from the current Mars rover, Persistence, of a field with nothing in it. Just parched and dry. Then imagine a field of waist-high glowing green...

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    Meet Larkin Martin, a Seventh Generation Farmer and Sustainable Business Leader

    Larkin Martin manages a family-farming operation in Courtland, Alabama, where she raises cotton, corn, soybeans, and wheat. Her cotton is now part of a sourcing collaboration...

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    Meet Bill Jones, the Anheuser-Busch Agronomist Helping Brew a New Wave in Sustainability

    After five years of working at Anheuser-Busch, first as an agronomist, now as the agronomy manager for rice, Bill Jones has seen firsthand how consumer demand for...

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