Get early access to the latest biological technologies to evaluate on your fields

    Introducing biotrinsic™ Beta Fields

    Farmers like you demand the latest in data-backed technologies that allow you to maximize performance on the farm. That’s why we’ve launched biotrinsic™ Beta Fields to enroll innovative farms in a trial program to test the latest biotrinsic™ seed treatments.

    Farms participating in 2022 biotrinsic™ Beta Fields will...

    • Receive free biotrinsic™ seed treatments designed to maximize corn and soybean crop health and performance for specific stresses like drought, nutrient utilization, disease, and insect pests
    • Get early access to some of the latest technologies to evaluate them on your fields
    • Leverage your post-harvest trial results and Indigo Agronomist insights to guide your future management decisions
    • Shape the future of biological innovation by being a part of large block trials placed under the exact conditions in which farmers would use these products commercially

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