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    Market+ by Indigo modernizes origination, merchandising, and logistics, enabling grain buyers and merchants to create higher value relationships with their farmers. We have built a unified digital application with a rich set of tools and capabilities for the ag supply chain ecosystem.

    How can improve the way you merchandise grain?

    From commodity to sustainably grown crops, buyers are relying on technology to merchandise grain more efficiently and more effectively, while improving customer relationships.


    Gain the customized pricing capabilities needed to win more business and increase price efficiency.

    Contract directly with your farmers while providing flexible Risk Management tools to gain market share and help farmers make grain marketing decisions. Market+ provides a fully integrated solution for price risk management.


    transport_web_sizeTurn every freight decision into a frictionless digital experience for you to lock in better margins, with an open carrier network built-in.

    Plan, connect, dispatch, track, settle, and optimize your freight across dedicated and third-party fleets by digitizing the load management life cycle.

    Market+ gives you and your farmers a unified digital experience from an independent, neutral provider

    How Does Market+ Work?

    Learn how your origination team can digitize the way they engage and contract with their farmers.

    It's a one-stop-shop for a merchandiser, a location manager, and a grain marketer. It helps everybody to understand what the markets are doing. So, when you call, you haven't caught me off guard. I'm ready and on my a-game.

    Janette Smith | Grow Solutions Center, Landus


    The grain merchandising industry is rapidly going through a digital transition, and we are deeply invested in ensuring farmers come out on top. As an independent partner, Indigo is uniquely positioned to put the best technology expertise to work for the benefit of the industry.

    Matt Carstens | President and CEO of Landus


    The real benefit of having a third-party like Indigo manage the technology associated with grain merchandising is it's really cost-effective. We're not building one-off tools that meet the needs of any one individual buyer or farmer, we're building tools that meet the needs of the industry as a whole.

    Rodney Connor | Market+ Product Manager, former originator


    The ability to edit contracts is very seamless. If you're changing a destination or changing a price for whatever reason, you can see that stuff instantly right in Market+ as opposed to having to wait for a confirmation contract to come to you in the mail. From an originator standpoint, it helps make my job a lot easier.

    Ethan Lamont | Market+ Grower Enablement Manager, former originator


    This software would have allowed my customers to reach me at any point in the day to trade grain, even if I was busy or away from my desk. Once people get their hands on the product, they will see how much efficiency it can bring to their business and team.

    Brandon Bruggeman | Senior Director of Merchandising, former grain merchandiser

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