Technology for Moving You Forward Faster

    Market+ by Indigo modernizes origination, merchandising, and logistics, enabling grain buyers and merchants to create higher value relationships with their farmers. We have built a unified digital application with a rich set of tools and capabilities for the ag supply chain ecosystem.

    How can our technology change the way you merchandise grain?

    From commodity to sustainably grown crops, buyers are relying on digital solutions to move grain faster and build closer customer relationships.


    Turn every transaction’s life cycle into a streamlined digital experience for your origination and merchandising teams.

    Enable your origination and merchandising teams to turn an inefficient offline contracting process into a seamless digitized experience that enables them to capture more profitable outcomes with your farmers.


    Gain the customized pricing capabilities needed to grow your forward book, increase profitability, and improve efficiency.

    Contract directly with your farmers while providing flexible Risk Management tools to gain market share and help farmers make grain marketing decisions. Market+ provides a fully integrated solution for price risk management.

    Turn every freight decision into a frictionless digital experience for you to lock in better margins, with an open carrier network built-in.

    Plan, connect, dispatch, track, settle, and optimize your freight across dedicated and third-party fleets by digitizing the load management life cycle.


    Discover a flexible procurement tool for sourcing crops grown with verified agricultural practices and quality attributes.

    Source with confidence, backed by data reporting and agronomic services from Indigo.

    Indigo is a trusted, independent technology partner in the ag ecosystem with a set of integrated tools and capabilities that can help you take your grain merchandising to the next level


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