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    What if plants could protect themselves against environmental stresses?

    Wild crop ancestors possessed a microbiome that was more diverse than what is found in modern farming operations. By collecting plant samples globally and employing powerful bioinformatics tools, we have learned how to improve crop performance and stress tolerance through the reintroduction of beneficial microbes. Now farmers can plant with confidence using biotrinsic™ seed treatments tailored to their farms’ unique needs.

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    Start the season with a leading advantage that makes corn and soybeans more resilient. Indigo Biologicals products are available through your local retailer.
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    Indigo Ag is a leader in harnessing the plant microbiome

    Harnessing nature's beneficial microbes, biotrinsic™ products are proven to help across eight crops:

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    I was averaging 60 bushels per acre where I’m normally at 40-43. The difference is so drastic between Indigo and non-Indigo wheat that the hands running the combine called me to tell me that they thought something was wrong with the meters on the fields. The Indigo Monument is by far the best wheat I have ever harvested, and the custom harvesters I work with say that it is the best wheat in my area – hands down.

    Jason Streit | Vernon, TX | 2020


    Microbes do a lot of great things for plants. They have an activity which lowers stress levels. They help fight off pathogens. They really are unique organisms that mother nature has chosen to put inside of plants.

    Scott Lowman, PhD | Director of Plant Endophyte and Applied Research, The Institute of Advanced Learning and Research (IALR)


    I was able to apply less fungicide to my rice crop this year because of the Indigo treatment.

    John W. Garrett III | Provident City, TX


    A characteristic of natural microbes that makes them more powerful than traditional crop technologies like chemistries and GMOs is their ability to respond rapidly to their environment. Whether it’s cool, hot, wet, or dry, they respond. And they do so within seconds.

    Geoffrey von Maltzahn, PhD | Indigo Ag Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer


    This year my Indigo wheat yielded 51 bushels per acre. I had a comparison right next to it that was 40 bushels per acre. We had only around 10 inches of rain, and our average is up around 20.

    Indigo Wheat Grower | Barber County, KS

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