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    Farmers always want to do the right thing and they want to continue on so that operation can go generation to generation. It all starts with agronomy and it has to be right for the operation and the field and that farm. We're not looking for flash in the pan one year commitments. We really want to make sure it's sustainable long term and it's good for that operation.

    Casey Onstot, Corteva

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    Interested in carbon farming programs?

    Carbon by Indigo supports farmers in their transition to more sustainable farming practices that are better for the soil and for farmers’ bottom line

    Interested in digital merchandising solutions?

    Market+ is a digital merchandising application that increases efficiency, optimizes assets, and unlocks sustainably sourced contracts, to expand revenue opportunities

    Interested in becoming a biotrinsic® retailer?

    biotrinsic® by Indigo offers a leading portfolio of biological seed treatments proven to improve nutrient use efficiency and to protect crop yield from nature’s stressors

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