The Terraton


Calling on innovators & entrepreneurs

The global food system needs transformative thinking to address the mounting pressures of population growth and climate change. Indigo is launching a challenge that will encourage and empower the next generation of agriculture innovators.

With the goal of improving farm economics, supporting sustainable practices, developing products that meet consumer needs, and fighting climate change, we're inviting innovators and entrepreneurs to bring their best ideas forward. Winning innovations will be awarded $1M contracts by Indigo.

The Terraton Challenge will consider submissions that fall in one of three different categories.


The Terraton Challenge categories

  • Soil carbonwe need new technologies that maximize agriculture's potential to draw down atmospheric carbon
    • Acceleratetechnologies that speed up sequestration and expand the carbon storage capacity of soils 
    • Sampletools and techniques that rapidly, accurately, and cheaply collect soil samples
    • Measuretools and techniques that rapidly, accurately, and cheaply estimate soil carbon levels
    • Rewardprotocols and markets that pay growers to capture and retain soil carbon

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Through our combined efforts, we expect to unlock ways to accelerate the drawdown of a teraton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, while enriching our soils and improving the health of our food system.

- Geoffrey von Maltzahn, PhD, Indigo’s Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder

Sign-up is to indicate interest only. Participation in the Terraton Challenge is subject to the specific terms, conditions, limitations, and rules associated with such contest, which must be acknowledged or accepted by participants prior to enrollment and participation.