Catalyzing the next generation of soil carbon sampling & measurement systems

Conventional methods of quantifying soil carbon require soil core sample collection, transportation, and lab analysis to deliver precise results. While these methods are trusted and widely adopted, they can be time consuming, labor intensive, and expensive.  

Efficient, accurate, and low-cost soil carbon analysis technologies, specifically those that enable in-field or remote analysis of soil carbon, will accelerate our understanding of soil carbon and hasten adoption of management practices that sequester carbon.

Quantify Track Semifinalists

These applicants had solutions that are seeking ways to advance the next generation of soil carbon monitoring and verification systems.

Quantify solutions are being evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Accurately and precisely measures soil carbon and demonstrates negligible bias and minimal sampling variance
  • Measures carbon as deeply as possible and in as many soil types as possible
  • Quickly produce readings, extractions, maps, etc.
  • Easily implemented in the field or lab environment and reduces labor requirements
  • Scalable and applicable across the globe
  • Reduces cost by improving efficiency, minimizing equipment, or other mechanisms
  • Improves connectivity, tagging, tracking, and convenience
  • Designed with field work in mind to handle all weather conditions and be easily transported

How The Terraton Challenge works

APPLICATION JUL. 23 - OCT. 1, 2019

During this 10-week application period, applicants submitted their proposal for their category of interest.


Over the course of three weeks, a panel of judges including thought leaders, academics & entrepreneurs will review applications. A select number of round 1 applicants will be invited to the next round as semifinalists. Semifinalists will be alerted in late October.

INCUBATION NOV. 2019 - JAN. 2020
Current Phase

Semifinalists moving forward will be eligible for up to $60k in grants and $3M in contracts. They will join a virtual incubation cohort with access to mentors, review panels, expert speakers & real-world experimentation.


During this time all semifinalists will work with Indigo staff and mentors to pilot their solutions on research acres and prepare for live demos at the Beneficial Ag 2020 Conference. Post-Beneficial Ag 2020, all semifinalists will continue to refine their solutions and prep for the final contract stage.


All semifinalists will demo at Beneficial Ag 2020, an important multi-thousand attendee event that convenes stakeholders from across the supply chain to reimagine ag for people & planet. The winner in each category will receive a $20k grant to accelerate their work.


Select finalists with scalable solutions will be eligible for up to $3M contracts by Indigo, all while maintaining business independence and IP rights to their solution.

What features stood out to judges when selecting semifinalists?

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