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    Grow a more sustainable future with innovative ag solutions

    The future of agriculture means more than bushels per acre. Which brings more opportunities for your business. With Indigo’s extensive portfolio of biological products and industry-leading carbon program, you can help your customers safeguard their operations and generate new revenue. It’s easier than you think — when you partner with Indigo, you’ll get the comprehensive support you need to embrace the future of your community and your business.

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    Committed to your success

    You’re committed to your farmers’ success. And we’re committed to giving you compelling solutions that grow your business. Indigo’s carbon program and biotrinsic® products can diversify your portfolio while increasing your farmers’ crop production, soil health, and profitability for generations to come.


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    Your partners in sustainable ag

    More and more ag businesses you know are turning to Indigo as a trusted partner to provide sustainable ag solutions that can optimize today's yields for a more plentiful tomorrow.


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    Collaborating across agriculture

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    Innovative biologicals for resilient crops

    Harnessing nature's beneficial microbes, biotrinsic® products are proven to help crops withstand environmental stressors and produce stronger yields. Give your farmers confidence with an innovative portfolio of seed treatments.

    Farming for the future

    Adding cover crops and reducing tillage are some of the steps farmers can take to bring carbon back into the soil to generate carbon credits. When your farmers enroll in Carbon by Indigo, you're giving access to a reliable new revenue stream and a system to strengthen their future profitability.

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