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    Indigo Ag Announces FieldFlex for Sustainability Program Flexibility

    Successful Farming reports on Indigo Ag's FieldFlex announcement.

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    Ag-Analytics Acquires AcreValue

    Indigo Ag has entered into a strategic alliance with AcreValue to leverage the Ag-Analytics and AcreValue platforms as a channel to further their carbon services market.

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    How Carbon May Become Another Crop For Farmers

    Successful Farming covers the emergence of carbon markets as an additional revenue stream for farmers, highlighting Indigo's efforts to connect companies looking to address...

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    First Companies Commit to Buying Carbon Credits through Indigo Carbon

    Successful Farming highlights the first companies committed to purchase verified agricultural carbon credits through Indigo Carbon, a critical step in the transition to...

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    Indigo Believes Farmers are the Heroes of Modern Agriculture

    Ahead of the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, Successful Farming interviews Karsten Neuffer, Indigo's Global Chief Commercial Operations Officer, on how farming can present...

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    Analyzing 2019's wild weather year: could technology have helped?

    Originally published on AgFunder. Lauren Stine discusses 2019's difficult weather patterns and their affect on farmers across the United States. Indigo Ag's GeoInnovation...

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    Indigo Ag names 36 semifinalists in Terraton Challenge

    Successful Farming covers Indigo’s announcement of the 36 semifinalists in the Terraton Challenge, noting nearly 300 applicants from 44 countries submitted projects for...

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    Start-Up Spotlight: Indigo Agriculture

    By Laurie Bedord

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