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We're building a digital platform to help you access more profitable bushels, find operational efficiencies, and strengthen your existing customer relationships.

How can your merchandising goals benefit from Indigo Marketplace?

From commodity to sustainably grown crops, buyers are relying on digital solutions to move grain and build closer customer relationships.

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ORIGINATE: Understand and evaluate supply with insights and analytics

Quickly see the bid and supply data important to your facility alongside basis and futures prices. Explore historical production averages, competitor pricing, storage locations, and timely market reports to set more competitive bids. Then, evaluate offers across all your facilities net of freight costs, spending less time on calculations and more time moving grain. 

Reach more farmers
CONNECT: Engage with Current and Future Customers 

Connect and contract directly with your regular local farmers, or broaden your reach to access new farmers within our vast network. Leverage actionable insights to deepen these relationships, and also find business past your typical draw area with the ease and price visibility of our integrated transportation solutions. 

TRANSACT: Digitally Close More Deals in Less Time

With instantly transactable bids and the ability to enter into contracts directly with your farmers, Marketplace provides a fully digital experience to simplify business. Enter bids into Marketplace in seconds, or input automatically from select third-party sources. Farmers can receive mobile or desktop alerts the moment your bid hits their area, and you can instantly accept an offer without needing to pick up the phone.

How does Marketplace work?

Learn about what you can expect when you partner with Indigo to buy grain.

Buyers are joining us as we build this platform

Working with Marketplace has been a really good situation. I'm very comfortable. I trust Indigo. As a result, that's a form of security for me and for our company. Marketplace has done very well in securing grains for us a year in advance. That's something we've never done before.

Joey Coscia

Grain Buyer, Tennessee
Indigo Marketplace is a progressive way to directly link grain buyers and sellers.

The digital platform has a lot of potential to add to the price discovery process and to give us more options for sourcing grain that meets our specifications.

Tod Kalous

Pratt Feeders, LLC, Kansas

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