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As individuals, it can be hard to know how to address something as big as climate change. The Terraton Initiative offers a clear path: address climate change by supporting farmers as they adopt regenerative farming practices.

Indigo will provide advice to farmers and measure their soil carbon levels. When Indigo verifies a metric ton of carbon has been locked in the soil, we will send you a confirmation. Every metric ton counts on the road to 1 trillion.

The problem: 1 trillion metric tons of carbon dioxide

Since the Industrial Revolution, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased dramatically. In April 2019, we hit a new record — 415 parts per million of carbon dioxide. That amounts to a total increase of 1 trillion metric tons (or a teraton) of carbon dioxide over the last ~250 years.

Removing carbon dioxide through photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the natural process by which plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Plants retain the carbon, using it to grow leaves, stems, and roots. They also release some of the carbon through their roots into the soil as simple sugars and proteins. This contributes to a healthy soil ecosystem, rich in nutrients. By adopting regenerative farming practices, farmers can lock down this carbon in the soil, rather than releasing it back into the atmosphere at the end of each harvest through practices such as tilling.

Carbon-enriched soil is better soil

Carbon is the basic building block of life. Soil with high carbon content is teeming with life and rich in nutrients, requiring less fertilizer and producing healthier food. Carbon rich soil absorbs and retains water more efficiently, helping during both floods and droughts. Enriching our agricultural soils is better for the planet, better for growers, and better for our food.

Why we need you

This is your opportunity to vote. Tell farmers you support them in their transition to more sustainable, beneficial farming practices. Tell companies you want Carbon Neutral/Climate Positive products. Tell us how The Terraton Initiative should evolve to maximize impact on the world.

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