Start implementing regenerative systems with guidance and tools from Indigo Agronomists to more sustainably – and profitably – manage your farm

With Indigo Acres Plus, you'll receive:

  • Enrollment into Indigo Marketplace, Indigo Transport, and Indigo Carbon products
  • Monthly satellite-based crop production reports and webinars
  • Single-season microbials treatment
  • Four visits from an agronomist to improve your carbon impact
  • Drone flights during agronomist visits
  • Post-harvest Grain Quality Testing

Looking for even more? Explore the top tier of service with Indigo Acres Complete.  Progress to more personalized and premium services, including year-round agronomic support, year-end performance reporting, and more.

Learn how to enrich your soil & your bottom line

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What solutions does Indigo Acres Plus include?


Earn extra income for increasing your soil carbon and generating verified carbon credits with regenerative practices.


You'll receive four visits from an agronomist each year to improve your carbon impact.


Leverage the power of nature with the potential to improve your yield, reduce your risk, and protect against environmental stress with a single-season of Indigo Microbials.


Enrollment in an online market for buying and selling grain, with tools designed for protection and flexibility.

Grain Quality Testing

Maximize your premiums by knowing the quality of your grain post-harvest.


Receive monthly satellite-based crop production reports and webinars powered by Indigo Atlas.

Looking for more?

Explore the top tier of service with Indigo Acres Complete. Progress to more personalized and premium services, including year-round agronomic support, year-end performance reporting, and more.

Open Quotation MarkThere's definitely added benefits to what Indigo is doing. The knowledge you get from having an agronomist out there is extremely helpful. A lot of farmers won't admit, they might say I can do it myself, but I'll admit it's nice to have an expert out here coming through my field when I don't have time to, or I don't know what to look for.Close Quotation Mark

Taylor Currie

Saline County, KS


Open Quotation MarkThe Indigo treated wheat emerged faster, and it looked better through the winter. We had a real cold, wet winter. Not a lot of snow cover, so that wheat wasn't protected from the real bitter cold weather. I’ve got a non-Indigo field right next to my Indigo treated field, and you could clearly see the difference all growing season.Close Quotation Mark

Matt DeWitt

Kay County, OK


Open Quotation MarkI value the work of my Indigo Agronomist probably as much as anything. He's very knowledgeable and always there to answer any question I've got.Close Quotation Mark

Andrew Smith

Beach, ND


*Indigo products and services may not be available in all areas. Participation in, or use of, any Indigo product or service is subject to enrollment and the terms and conditions of such product or service. Potential yield increase data is based on results from a limited set of users and is not guaranteed. Grower experiences and results will vary broadly across growers and lands based on a variety of circumstances. Grower profitability is based on market conditions and other economic variables. Indigo does not guarantee any specific results or outcomes.