An innovative, industry-first partnership with Indigo can unlock your farm’s full potential with year-round agronomic support and products that optimize regenerative systems

In Indigo's most complete tier of services, unlock the greatest value for your operation including:

  • Enrollment into Indigo Marketplace, Indigo Transport, and Indigo Carbon products
  • Monthly satellite-based crop production reports and webinars
  • Digital regenerative content
  • Single-season microbial treatment
  • Year-round agronomic advice to improve your carbon impact
  • Drone flights during agronomist visits
  • Year-end Performance Insights reporting

Learn how to enrich your soil
& your bottom line

We just need to know a few things about your farm first:

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What solutions does Indigo Acres™ Complete include?

Receive year-round agronomic advice from an expert team

Be supported by experienced agronomists

Indigo Agronomists provide data-backed recommendations to growers looking to increase yields and profitability.

I work with growers to improve their operations through profitability, soil health and ultimately helping their farms thrive for generations.

Monica Campen, Indigo Agronomist

Adopt practices like cover crops & no-till with the help of specialists

Meet Regenerative Specialist Del Ficke. He takes a modern, holistic approach when supporting growers in adopting beneficial growing practices like no-till and cover crops.

Most agronomy services are tied to a production type model of raising more and more bushels. They don’t think about how communities and the environment can be better. The people who work at Indigo are an extension of our mission and vision, we have the best interest of communities, and soil and the environment at heart.

Del Ficke, Indigo Regenerative Specialist


Earn extra income for increasing your soil carbon and generating verified carbon credits with regenerative practices.


Have the potential to improve your yield, reduce your risk, and protect against environmental stress with a single-season of Indigo Microbials.


Enrollment in an online market for buying and selling grain, with tools designed for protection and flexibility.


Receive monthly crop reports from ag intelligence Atlas platform using geospatial technology.

Grain Quality Testing

Maximize your premiums by knowing the quality of your grain.

Open Quotation MarkMost farmers are already environmentalists: they want what’s best for their land, the next generation, and the world’s soil. Indigo Carbon is just another way to step up more, and pass the farm on to their sons and daughters.Close Quotation Mark

Doug Keesling



Open Quotation MarkOur biggest hurdle was changing our mindset from farming out of a chemical jug to working with Mother Nature to do the work.Close Quotation Mark

Matt & Kelly Griggs



Open Quotation MarkI was able to apply less fungicide to my rice crop this year because of the Indigo treatment.Close Quotation Mark

John W. Garrett III

Provident City, TX


*Indigo products and services may not be available in all areas. Participation in, or use of, any Indigo product or service is subject to enrollment and the terms and conditions of such product or service. Potential yield increase data is based on results from a limited set of users and is not guaranteed. Grower experiences and results will vary broadly across growers and lands based on a variety of circumstances. Grower profitability is based on market conditions and other economic variables. Indigo does not guarantee any specific results or outcomes.