The Technology Behind Indigo Research Partners

    April 25, 2017

    By Gerard Keating, Chief Technology Officer

    I am very excited to be part of such a world-class team, focused on the company’s mission to help farmers sustainably feed the planet. One of the compelling reasons for me when I decided to join the company was Indigo’s unique position through the Indigo Research Partners program to create a digital and data-focused software platform and a set of agricultural solutions to help growers increase their profitability and harvest through data-driven decisions. And, through the Partners program and our other farming partners, Indigo has significant advantages in building a digitally focused agriculture company in what is traditionally an analog space.

    Critical to Indigo’s mission and complementary to our best-in-class microbial products is the continued build out of our software platform, leveraging data and data sciences to provide prescriptive advice and insights to our internal innovation teams and to our growers, complementing the grower’s expertise with best-in-class analytics and recommendations to help them make critical and proactive data-informed decisions.

    Our goals for the software platform are:

    • To enable Indigo to innovate rapidly
    • To provide best-in-class agronomic advice to growers
    • To create easy-to-use and compelling customer experiences and applications
    • To connect consumer preferences with agriculture production

    At the core of our goals is data and applied data sciences. Through the program, we gather on-farm and precision agriculture data in collaboration with our partners and leverage modern cloud-based technologies to transform the data to make it actionable, in a cost-effective and real-time manner. Capturing the on-farm data in a closed-loop manner also allows us to facilitate annual improvements in our microbial products, by leveraging data sciences in our stage-gate process to launch products dramatically faster and at a substantially lower cost than other input companies. And, we can provide best-in-class advice to growers by pairing trained agronomists with cloud-based analytics, ultimately transforming farm profitability by boosting yield and reducing inputs and input expense.