Partner Spotlight: American Farmland Trust

23. April, 2021

April 23, 2021

We caught up with one of the winners of the Indigo Carbon Challenge to spotlight the work being done by American Farmland Trust.

American Farmland TrustAmerican Farmland Trust’s Women for the Land Initiative serves the underserved. It has developed training for women farmers and women landowners to encourage farmer adoption of soil health practices. Their aim is to equip women with the knowledge, tools, and resources that can compel farmers to rapidly adopt practices that facilitate carbon capture.


The Women for the Land Initiative’s work not only directly promotes regenerative practice adoption but targets diverse and disadvantaged communities to ensure they have access to information, technical, and financial resources. They harness the power of peer-to-peer networks, which are shown to be effective in catalyzing practice adoption.


Caitlin Joseph, Women for the Land Program and Policy Manager shares: "We’ve been hosting learning circles, particularly centered around helping women navigate the climate-related stressors that they’re seeing already on their farms. And making sure that those who are really leading the charge on implementing innovative climate-smart practices are actually getting incentives that can support them in that work."

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