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    Indigo’s Innovative New Bionematicide

    biotrinsic® Z15 combines multiple microbially enhanced plant defenses to help protect plants against parasitic nematodes.

    In North America, nematodes cause over $1.5 billion in loss to row crops annually. Building on our extensive portfolio of microbial seed treatments, Indigo will soon release biotrinsic® Z15, a powerful new bionematicide designed to help make plants nematode-resistant. Combining multiple defense and protective actions, biotrinsic® Z15 works in harmony with corn and soybean crops to inhibit the development and reproductive life cycle of plant-parasitic nematodes throughout the growing season, without impacting soil health or beneficial nematodes.

    Through extensive research and development and a successful beta trial season, biotrinsic® Z15 has been proven to enhance root growth and plant development to support stronger yields. Don’t let this microscopic pest steal from you; defend your crops and profits with biotrinsic® Z15.

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