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    Reducing Risk by Building Soil Health

    Recording Available of October 4th Event

    Building soil health can bring a sense of control and can help make your operation more profitable, more resilient to the weather, and strengthen your business. Find out how practices that promote healthy soil—planting cover crops and reducing tillage, as well as using biologicals—can reduce your risks at our next webinar. 

    You’ll hear from these agronomy experts:

    • Rob Myers, Director of the Center for Regenerative Agriculture, University of Missouri

    • Brian Bartle, Partner Enablement, Indigo Ag

    • Jake Linneman, Agronomist, Indigo Ag




    Webinar content includes information based on generally applicable, currently available information. Actual results and outcomes may vary. The practices and strategies discussed during the webinar may not be beneficial or the best for your specific operation. All operators should independently consider the potential risks and benefits of adopting any specific practice or strategy, which is solely at each operation’s individual risk. Indigo does not guarantee any specific outcomes or results.

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