RFD-TV interviews Indigo on carbon farming momentum

    September 12, 2022
    What does carbon opportunity look like for agriculture? RFD-TV interviews Carbon by Indigo Vice President Heather Gieseke on the demand for carbon markets and profitability surrounding carbon farming.


    What does a "carbon harvest" entail? RFD-TV interviews Carbon by Indigo Agronomy Director Shannon Gnad on the recordkeeping and opportunities surrounding carbon farming.


    What trends are happening in carbon markets these days? RFD-TV interviews Carbon by Indigo Senior Technical Agronomist Jake Linneman on the momentum behind carbon farming and the support farmers can expect on the practices that will work best for them.


    How does Carbon by Indigo stand out in the ag Carbon Market? Hear from Soil Agronomist Andrew Esser on the verification process and current grower opportunities in carbon markets.