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    Ag Partners Cooperative Leads the Way in Sustainable Farming with the Globally Responsible Production Program: Farmers Earn Premiums for Environmentally Beneficial Corn Verified by Indigo Ag

    Seneca, KS (October 2, 2023) - Ag Partners Coop, a forward-thinking, farmer-owned cooperative serving Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri, is collaborating with Indigo Ag to unveil a groundbreaking program aimed at providing premiums and quantifying the environmental benefits of sustainably grown corn by Globally Responsible Production (GRP)-certified farmers.

    GRP-certified farmers will soon receive notifications about the opportunity to participate in a 15 cent/bu. premium on corn delivered to Ag Partners facilities starting with the fall 2023 harvest.

    Indigo Ag, a pioneer and trusted collaborator in sustainable agriculture, will leverage its Market+ Source sustainable crop program and proprietary measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) capabilities to assist GRP in quantifying emissions factors for corn grown by GRP-certified Ag Partners customers who employ more sustainable farming methods. This premium corn will be sold to an Ag Partners customer committed to reducing Scope 3 emissions in their corn value chain.

    “GRP was conceived to establish connections between farmers and end-users, including food and beverage companies, ingredient companies, and regenerative and sustainable fuel producers, in order to enhance sustainable practices and market value at every stage of the value chain. This program marks the initial step in fulfilling that mission,” said Jed Miller, Chief Strategy Officer for Ag Partners.

    For more details on the Market+ Source sustainable grain program, please visit Indigo's website.


    About Ag Partners Coop:

    Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc., an affiliated marketer of GRP, is a full-service, patron-owned cooperative serving over 30 communities across Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. Looking ahead to the future of the agricultural industry, Ag Partners is dedicated to evolving alongside its farmer-owners by embracing new technologies and sustainable practices. For additional information, please visit

    ​About Globally Responsible Production:

    An innovative platform focused on fostering partnerships between rural farmers and urban consumers to ensure a safe, abundant, and sustainable future. GRP emphasizes verifiable farming practices, increasing transparency about the individuals behind those practices, and advancing childhood nutrition through education and a greenhouse initiative. For more information, please visit


    Jessica Hermesch

    Director of Marketing, Ag Partners Cooperative Inc.