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Farmers have more on their plate than ever before. You’re not just the CEO, but the CFO, and CTO – you do it all. A whole boardroom could be filled with your work. How can you market your crop when so much time is needed to grow it? Gain peace of mind by delegating pricing decisions to experienced experts Indigo has partnered with through a Managed Pricing Program.

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Find the right program for your farm. Every program lets you choose your delivery destination from any location in Marketplace. Indigo is insured against buyer default risk to ensure payments to you on all completed transactions. To learn more, click on the crop below to see a list of programs and grain marketing partners. Or call us at 855-542-5084.

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The ACG approach combines our extensive grain marketing experience with the latest in technology and tools to optimize trading decisions. Our managers are comfortable with a wide variety of pricing strategies, going well beyond flat price to maximize grower profitability whenever possible.
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AG360 Grain Marketing provides a strict strategy involving the conditions of the market and technical analysis to determine when to lock in futures at specified intervals. AG360's goal is to take advantage of what the market gives and to be consistent from year to year in both high prices and marketing 100% of the bushels that are signed up.
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Ag Astra
Ag Astra's mission is to help growers and investors across the country become self-directed grain marketers. They recognize some growers want full control of their agricultural marketing, while others don’t have the time to maneuver the daily complexities of the grain markets. The good news is that Ag Astra has trading and risk management solutions for each. Ag Astra is here to help growres, so you can focus on what’s important.
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For 20 years, AgResource has been the world's leading agricultural advisory and research firm by providing the news, research, and analysis growers need to make informed decisions and increase profitability. AgResource keeps growers informed about what's happening, why it's happening, and what's likely to happen next. It's the grower's opperation; AgResource is here to help them get the most out of it.
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AgriSource's consultants spread across the Corn Belt have experience as farmers, grain merchandisers, insurance agents and brokers. They understand the “tools of the trade” and watch the markets 24/7, so you don’t have to
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AgYield leverages their 45 years of industry experience with their revolutionary software program to give growers a detailed look of the past, present, and future of their operation’s profitability. By using grower's actual information, AgYield is able to pinpoint risk areas in order to create, execute, and monitor strategies to mitigate the risk. Their goal is to produce consistent years of solid profits for their clients, while managing risk and revenue.
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AIO Ag uses customized risk-management solutions tailored to a grower's operation and data-driven timing models to guide grower's grain marketing decisions. Most grain marketing groups only worry about this year's harvest. AIO Ag focuses on multiple years to protect a grower's operation for this year and years to come.
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Brock Associates
Since 1986/87 marketing year through 2017/18, Brock Associates has beaten the USDA Average Cash Price received by an average of 21.5 cent/year in corn, 29 cents/year in beans, and 26 cents/year in wheat. Brock Associates has been serving farmers since 1980, but now it’s time to put Richard Brock and his team of consultants and researchers to work for you.
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Great Lakes Trading Co., Inc.
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Kluis Commodity Publishing
Kluis Commodity Publishing is committed to a consistent, disciplined approach to marketing your grain, using both price and time targets. Their proven track record speaks for itself, with 2018 results ranging from $0.30-$0.80/bushel over the cash price.
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Mid Plains Commodities
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Powerline Group
Powerline is an independent consulting and execution resource for commercial commodity market hedging, price risk management, and alternative investing. With an emphasis on personal relationships and fiduciary trust, each of Powerline’s principals has over 25 years of real world experience that is put to work each day for the firm's clients.
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Risk Management Commodities, Inc.
Risk Management Commodities (RMC) is a full service commodity brokerage and agricultural risk management firm. With over a decade of experience in farm risk management as well as generations of experience running their own farm operations, RMC brings a personalized approach to a grower's operation. Their team delivers strategies, advice and recommendations based on extensive research and market analysis, giving their clients an edge in today’s complex marketplace.
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Total Farm Marketing
Farm marketing isn’t just about building price; it’s about building price while protecting your livelihood. Diversify your risk while building a cornerstone of your farm marketing plan, without any up-front costs, by using the TFM Managed Pricing Program. Using decades of experience, Total Farm Marketing delivers a strategic farmer-focused approach to marketing, helping you be more prepared for whatever the markets may do.
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Van Ahn and Company
Van Ahn's mission is to assist investors and growers by increasing their income while reducing risk in their portfolios or farming operations. They are passionate about risk management for their clients, while implementing disciplined marketing plans and executing on them. With Van Ahn Managed Pricing, they make sure the sales happen, doing the hard work their gorwer's.
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Water Street Solutions
Water Street Solution's approach to navigating the markets combines an understanding of their client’s unique business situation with tailored communication that provides education and guidance. They develop dynamic market plans to account for farm priorities and utilize technology that allows their clients to visualize how the moving pieces of their farm business come together.
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For over 30 years, Zaner has provided advice and brokerage services to traders worldwide in the futures and commodities markets. Cutting-edge technology, accurate risk-management, reliable clearing, top-notch research, trading insights and impeccable support define their services.
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All grain marketing advisors listed above are independent parties providing grain pricing advisory services. Pricing decisions involve inherent risks, including market risks. Indigo does not guarantee any specific pricing outcomes. The use of any grain marketing advisor is at your sole option and risk. Indigo does not recommend or endorse any particular grain marketing advisor, and expressly disclaims any and all representations, warranties or guarantees (express or implied) as to their ability, competence, quality of services or performance. The participating grain marketing advisors are listed strictly for your convenience. The decision to select any of these independent grain marketing advisors is your sole responsibility. These independent third-party grain marketing advisors are not agents, affiliates, or employees of Indigo Ag, Inc, or its affiliates.

All information on these pages is for your general information and use only, and Indigo does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of the information and materials on these grain marketing advisor pages. Indigo accepts no liability for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages of whatever kind through the use of any information or material obtained either directly or indirectly from the grain marketing advisors.

By entering into a Managed Pricing Program, you understand and acknowledge that: (1) You are not opening a futures/options account; (2) you do not have a futures/options position; and (3) Indigo is not a Commodity Trading Advisor (“CTA”), a Futures Commission Merchant (“FCM”), introducing broker (“IB”), or Commodity Pool Operator (“CPO”) or swap dealer, nor does Indigo represent to be a CTA, FCM, IB, CPO or Swap Dealer.

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