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Whether you are a rice farmer or a rice buyer, we have the insider view into transforming your business

Our team works with you to understand your operation and offer solutions to your biggest challenges

You may already know that Indigo is asking big questions. It’s how we got started, and how we’ve worked ever since. Questions about how rice is both produced and sold. How growers and buyers in the market could be more profitable, efficient, and sustainable through the right tools and insights.

For the grower, we are taking a systems approach to the entire rice industry through two core offers: Indigo Marketplace and Indigo Transport. Indigo is furthering its mission of harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet.

Indigo works to bring value to the farm through a variety of specific supply opportunities, sustainable production, biotrinsicTM seed treatments, agronomic support, Managed Pricing Programs, and a host of customizable pricing products. We apply an end to end approach to our business to ensure your farm is supported throughout the season.

For the buyer, we help buyers across the U.S. access more growers more directly to buy high-quality, identity-preserved grain. We work with each buyer to determine exact needs, and build an individual plan that leverages Indigo Marketplace to supply rice into your operation. This allows us to offer our partners control and visibility into quality and surety of supply to improve efficiency through secure transactions.

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Why grow rice with Indigo?

Why buy rice with Indigo?

Leverage our rice experts to help you manage your risk

Rice experts can take the guess work out of the futures market by helping set prices based on professional market insights. You select the right basis bid for you based on your preferred delivery location in Indigo Marketplace.

How it works

  • This program was designed for rice growers and is managed in conjunction with grain marketing expert, Dennis DeLaughter.
  • Available exclusively through Indigo Marketplace.
  • Managed Pricing Programs aren’t tied to a specific delivery location. Choose the one that’s best for you.
  • No margin calls.

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Terms,  conditions  and  limitations  apply.  Participation  is  subject  to  enrollment  in  Indigo  Marketplace  and  the  terms  and  conditions  of  the  applicable  program  agreement.  Offering may not be available in all areas. Commodity pricing decisions contain inherent risk and are subject to market conditions and other variables. Participation in any Managed Pricing  Program  is  at  each  participant’s  risk.  Indigo  does  not  guarantee  any  specific  outcomes  or  results  of  any  pricing  programs  or  decisions.  Indigo  does  not  endorse  any particular pricing program or any particular grain marketing advisor- participants should conduct independent diligence on grain marketing advisors before enrolling in any pricing program.

Exceeding goals with Anheuser-Busch partnership

Our partnership focuses on helping farmers sustainably grow rice while empowering them with technology, research, and financial incentives.

Indigo Wins the 2020 TECHe Award!

Through the use of tech and innovation to grow rice more sustainably, we were awarded the 2020 TECHe Award by the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment. This recognition – delivered annually to organizations using technology to protect resources and improve the environment – is shared with Anheuser-Busch, who sourced the rice, Dagan, our third-party data and modeling advisors and every grower in the program, whose pioneering beneficial practices are innovating agriculture. To hear more about this work, tune in for an exclusive webinar.

Meet the Rice team

With over 150 years of combined experience in the rice industry, you’ve got a specialized and seasoned team to assist you with all of your rice needs. In addition to the leadership noted above, based on your level of preferred service, you will have a dedicated team of account managers, grain marketing specialists, agronomists, fulfillment specialists.

Cody Corbell
VP, General Manager – Rice
Jeff Fletcher
Regional Sales Director
Win Coleman
Regional Marketing Director
Steven Emerson
Regional Strategy Lead
George Smith
Regional Fulfillment Manager

Hear from growers & buyers working with Indigo Rice today

Meet rice grower Greg Baltz

Arkansas farmer Greg Baltz's family has been growing rice for 40 years. Working with Indigo has helped his operation be more profitable.

I've been working with Indigo for three years and it's been exciting. This is the second year I'm working on the sustainable rice marketing program with Anheuser-Busch. Indigo has a goal to make sure that the farmer remains profitable, and that's been key for me.

Greg Baltz, Pocahontas, Arkansas, Running Lake Farms

Meet rice buyer Bill Jones

Sharing a vision with Anheuser-Busch for more sustainably grown rice.

Indigo Ag’s sustainable rice program has been a true testament of the many successes of a farmer – buyer relationship. Defining clear objectives and working with the talented Indigo team to harness farmers’ potential has been such a rewarding experience in the rice industry. Sustainable production practices and data validation are critical to protecting our license to operate and the exciting piece of it all, is that the farmers can implement strategies to reduce their inputs and footprint, all while earning a premium for their efforts. This is a program that should set the industry standard for growing rice in critical or at-risk areas.

Bill Jones, Arkansas, Anheuser-Busch

Managed Pricing Program includes inherent risks and is dependent on market prices and other variables. Indigo does not guarantee any specific pricing outcomes or results, which may not beat market performance.