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    Topic: Science and Tech

    Are You Ready for 45Z? 4 Questions to Ask a Tech Provider

    If you're in the biofuels space, you’ve likely been hearing a lot of buzz about 26 U.S. Code § 45Z, also known as the Clean Fuel Production Credit, or simply "45Z." This...

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    For Climate Solutions, Continuous Improvement is a Feature, Not a Bug

    Climate Week NYC was, as always, a whirlwind of wonky panels, networking, catching up with friends, former colleagues, and former classmates, subway rides, sweaty walks...

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    Is This the Future of Soil Carbon Analysis?

    Accurate analysis is critical for understanding soil health and quantifying soil organic carbon (SOC) and other soil properties. After a soil sample has been collected from a...

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    Why Calibration and Validation Are Critical in Soil Carbon Models

    Quantifying the environmental benefits of sustainable farming practices requires scientific rigor and transparency in order to build a credible market that ensures corporate...

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    Grounded in Science: Debunking 6 Myths About Soil Carbon as a Climate Solution

    Through carbon credit and sustainable crop programs, Indigo Ag is providing financial incentives for agricultural systems and practices that are more sustainable (also known...

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