Laying Groundwork with The North Face

    July 12, 2023

    Eric Kahle, a fifth-generation cotton farmer in Oklahoma, transitioned his farming operation from conventional practices to sustainable practices with a vision for restoring the health of his soil and the health of his family. In a short film by The North Face, “Groundwork: A Family Journey to Regenerative Cotton,” Kahle shares the benefits his family farm is seeing from the transition.

    Kahle is currently enrolled in Indigo’s carbon and sustainable crop programs, and uses Indigo’s biotrinsic® products, naturally derived from beneficial plant microbes, to protect his crops from environmental stressors. Indigo Ag works with farmers like Kahle to transition to sustainable practices and earn new revenue streams for their farms, while also helping companies like The North Face address their sustainability goals.

    Watch the short film to learn more about the Kahle family's journey with sustainable practices.