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Harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet

Since 2014, Indigo has questioned agriculture's full value chain to improve grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health. The company’s scientific discoveries and digital innovations have benefited more than 10,000 farmers to date – and will continue improving the efficiency and sustainability of the industry.

From questions, we grow

Progress isn't driven by accepting industries as they are. It's driven by asking questions. Which is why we're working with farmers, grain buyers, and stakeholders across the ag ecosystem to innovate everything from soil to sale.

We believe the way to make agriculture more beneficial for people and planet isn't by questioning one piece of it but by challenging the entire system.

So what questions have we asked along the way?

First we asked

What if plants fortified themselves?

In 2014, we applied machine learning to plant data to understand how microbes in thriving plants could help other plants protect themselves – while still achieving higher production and stronger farm economics. In 2019, these natural microbial seed treatments helped growers across 1M+ acres replace fertilizers, herbicides, and other synthetic inputs.

With 100+ patents for microbiome technologies and the world's largest endophyte library, we continue evolving solutions to help growers increase productivity as part of our Biologicals offer, now available at hundreds of ag retailers in the U.S.

Our next question was

Is there a better way to buy and sell grain?

With the volume of grain being bought and sold each year, what if there were an easier, more efficient way of doing business for farmers and grain buyers? What if technology and data insights could help optimize these transactions?

Since 2018, Indigo Marketplace has connected farmers and grain buyers for efficiency and with consumers for traceability and quality, by unlocking technology and data insights. Today we’ve enabled 100M+ bushels of grain transactions working with growers and grain buyer facilities across the U.S., including with value added services such as sourcing sustainable grain and delivering grain through Indigo Transport.


Could agriculture address climate change at scale?

Farmers can sequester carbon back into their soils and abate greenhouse gas emissions through regenerative farming practices such as planting cover crops or reducing tillage – and should be paid to do so.

In 2019, we helped draw the world’s attention to this opportunity and introduced Carbon by Indigo: a program that provides verified, nature-based credits to companies while supporting farmers in their transition towards more beneficial agriculture.

Farmers have enrolled 3.3 million acres into the program with a growing cohort of leading companies supporting their efforts, representing one of the most immediate, affordable, and scaled approaches there is to addressing climate change.

Learn more about Carbon progress

As a farmer, grain buyer, retailer, enterprise, consumer, you deserve an agricultural system that works for the health of both people and planet.
Questioning everything.

“Indigo is uniquely positioned to partner with stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem to evolve the industry to be more efficient and beneficial for the planet. Indigo is on the leading edge, fostering science and technology that improves farm profitability and aligns with growing consumer desire for low-carbon, healthier food and fiber.”

Ron Hovsepian, Indigo President, CEO & Board Member

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