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The Indigo Offer

At Indigo, we believe that growers know what's best for their land and business. We link their deep expertise with our own to improve the profitability of their operations. And we go further. With the Indigo Offer, we commit through forward contracts to buy a grower's crop at a competitive price and pay for a significant portion of that crop up front. We provide the grower with premium seed — treated with our yield-enhancing microbial technology — and an agronomist equipped with best-in-class precision ag software. At each step, we share risk with growers, aligning our success with their own.



Success at Harvest


Indigo Has Launched in Five Major Row Crops


Our Microbial Treatment

Indigo’s seed treatments are based on the microbes that have evolved in conjunction with plants over millions of years to optimize their health and maximize their productivity.

Microbes are everywhere

Microbes are organisms so tiny that millions of them can fit onto the head of a pin. They help sustain life in all its forms.


The human microbiome can be thought of as a community of nonhuman cells that assist in maintaining a healthy body.

Microbiomes can be impacted by different environments and everyday factors including age, health, diet, and medicine.



Plants also have microbiomes, which are found on leaves, in soils, and inside the plants themselves.

Like human microbes, plant microbes can be impacted by their environment including heat and drought, chemicals such as pesticides, and even soil conditions.

Harnessing Nature

Inspired by insights from the human microbiome, Indigo started with the hypothesis that microbes living inside the plant (endosymbionts) are vital to their health. We found that some of these important microbes are being reduced by modern agricultural practices.

By using sophisticated genomic sequencing and computational bioinformatics, Indigo has assembled an enormous database of genomic information from these microbes.


We apply algorithms and machine learning to this database to predict which microbes are most beneficial to the plant’s health, applying these specially selected microbes to crops in the form of a seed coating.

The resulting seed treatments complement a plant’s natural processes to improve health and development across each phase of life while boosting crop yields.

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