Putting your soil's carbon to the test

The Carbon Cup is an annual event that offers growers the chance to test their soil carbon level in a friendly, open format competition.

While Indigo Carbon growers will be automatically enrolled in the contest, entry also will be available to growers who aren't currently part of our Carbon program.

Indigo will use a combination of modeling and sampling to test soil carbon levels. At the end of the season, winners in each state will be recognized in two categories: the fastest rate of soil carbon enrichment and the highest absolute level of soil carbon. If you're interested in registering, fill out the form and stay tuned for more details.

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Unearthing innovation

The world of regenerative agriculture holds tremendous promise but there is still much we don't know about how certain practices can shape both soil health and your bottom line. Indigo is committed to working closely with growers to find the answers. While we've designed the Carbon Cup to foster friendly competition, it's also meant to serve as an experimental process, through which we can discover and develop new techniques that allow growers to maximize the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of their operations.

Go deeper with Indigo Carbon

If you're excited by the Carbon Cup, we think you'll find a lot more to like in the broader Indigo Carbon program. We're helping growers refine their regenerative systems, while also compensating them for every ton of carbon dioxide they sequester.

Open Quotation MarkI’ve been no-till for close to 30 years, so my soil is in good health. No one was doing no-till 30 years ago, but I used to sit in the tractor and think that every time I’m tilling I’m losing four inches of moisture. The less you can till the ground, the better off you are.Close Quotation Mark

Michael Herrmann

Regenerative Grower, Kansas


Open Quotation MarkWorking with Indigo, I hope to get more farmers to grow with a regenerative approach and improve the health of our global agricultural soils. If you are a conservationist, and a good steward of the land, then you are building soil health and will be better off financially. Soil health, to me, is the main driver for our farm and its success.Close Quotation Mark

Rick Clark

Regenerative Grower, Indiana


Open Quotation MarkWorking with Indigo goes hand in hand with the soil-building strategy I already have in place by using top choice organic fertilizer and Indigo's microbes. I noticed a big difference between having it and not having it this year. Indigo helped grow healthier soybeans. With Indigo, I saw a lot of root mass and a much healthier plant which lead to increased yields anywhere from 5 bushes to 15 bushels.Close Quotation Mark

William Palsa



Sign-up is to indicate interest only. Participation in the Carbon Cup is subject to the specific terms, conditions, limitations, and rules associated with such contest, which must be acknowledged or accepted by participants prior to enrollment and participation.”

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