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Directly connect with a network of growers, while ensuring identity preservation, cost savings, and quality

Indigo Marketplace

Connect with a network of growers on a digital platform to purchase high-quality, identity-preserved grain

Indigo Certified Crops

Purchase identity-preserved, quality-tested grain with comprehensive farm data through Indigo Marketplace

Indigo Production

Contract with Indigo to produce crops with specific quality, characteristics, and/or farm management practices

Indigo Marketplace™ allows buyers to find grain that matches their specifications

We are extending our efforts to decommoditize agriculture with the launch of Indigo Marketplace, a digital platform for buying and selling grain.

Why On-Farm Storage is important to both farmers and buyers

Farmers can keep their harvests on the fields where they were grown, testing grain quality before delivering to the highest value buyer.

Open Quotation MarkAt Grain Craft, we care about our flour — the quality, the way it’s produced, and the farmers who produce it. We are partnering with Indigo to produce traceable and sustainable flour at scale. Close Quotation Mark

Alan Koenig

Grain Craft, Tennessee


Open Quotation MarkWe see the separation between farmers and the general public continuously growing, and at Majestic Milling we want to change that. We want to give our customers what they are looking for, whether that be feed made of organic, non-GM, or identity-preserved grain. It has been hard to source these grains at a pace that matches our rapid growth. I believe that Indigo Marketplace has the potential to help us secure a supply of high quality, specialty grain. Close Quotation Mark

Mark Hudson

Majestic Milling, Missouri


Open Quotation MarkIndigo Marketplace is a progressive way to directly link grain buyers and sellers. The digital platform has a lot of potential to add to the price discovery process and to give us more options for sourcing grain that meets our specifications. Close Quotation Mark

Tod Kalous

Pratt Feeders, LLC, Kansas


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