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    Farmers are foundational entrepreneurs whose work underpins the functioning of our society. We need to make sure that we’re supporting climate solutions that also support the livelihoods of those who we rely on.

    Stacy Kauk, Shopify

    Hear from Carbon Supporter Tim Faveri of Maple Leaf Foods

    Hear from Maple Leaf Foods on why their company is buying Carbon by Indigo credits.

    There are very few natural climate solution projects out there right now that deal with the removal and sequestration of carbon that have the potential to scale. What attracted us to Indigo is the scale and the reach, and the ability to bring a scientifically credible verification to the program.

    Tim Faveri, VP of Sustainability & Shared Value, Maple Leaf Foods

    Meet Carbon Supporter Katie Wallace of New Belgium Brewing

    Hear from New Belgium Brewing on their climate approach.

    It's exciting to us that we can scale something like this and open up economic opportunity for the rural community and enable businesses like ours to address climate in our own supply chain.

    Katie Wallace, Director of Social and Environmental Impact, New Belgium Brewing

    Catalyze Agriculture as a Climate Change Solution

    Watch the video to learn more about Carbon by Indigo, a program that supports farmers with the first scalable, registry-approved carbon credits for agriculture.

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