Introducing FieldFlex: A More Rewarding & Flexible Approach for Farmers

    March 9, 2023

    Over the last five years Indigo has pioneered sustainable agriculture programs with our industry partners, and now we’re excited to announce the market’s next major step.

    Today we are announcing FieldFlex, a comprehensive suite of programs giving farmers maximum value and flexibility for their sustainable practices. FieldFlex includes multiple program options delivered through our partners, including Carbon by Indigo and Market+ Source, our sustainable crop (scope 3) program. For the first time, farmers can participate in a registry-approved carbon credit program and high-quality sustainable crop program on the same field over different years – maximizing income across crop rotations.

    Why did we create FieldFlex?

    When we talk with farmers about how sustainability programs and practices can improve their soil health and generate new income streams, we hear a mix of curiosity, interest, and of course many questions – like the following:

    • If I sign up for a carbon program, am I locking myself into something long term and losing access to future opportunities?
    • If I started adopting sustainable practices years ago, can I still make money from sustainability programs today?
    • I want to participate in a sustainable crop program that pays me a premium, but it’s only available for one of my crops today. What about the rest of my rotation?

    Solving these challenges is why we’re so excited about this breakthrough innovation.

    Farmers can join Carbon by Indigo and know they can still take advantage of new ways to make money from their sustainable practices in the future. They are expected to maintain the practices they adopt when joining Carbon, but with FieldFlex they will have multiple choices for how they can earn income from those practices – for example, by generating carbon credits or producing sustainable crops for a premium. And Indigo ensures there’s no double counting of sustainability claims across these programs.

    Farmers who have already adopted practices like no-till or cover crops will also be able to access income opportunities through our sustainable crop program (where it’s available), as it typically does not require the adoption of new practices.

    And farmers who are already participating in a sustainable crop program with one of their crops can earn income from other crops in their rotation by participating in Carbon by Indigo (which includes 16 eligible crops), as long as they meet the program requirements.

    FieldFlex is designed to give farmers the freedom and flexibility to choose how they make money from their sustainable practices for every field, every year of their rotation. Because every farm is unique, each farmer chooses what is best for their land and operation. And they can do this while working with the local agribusinesses they know and trust.

    As Kansas farmer Ryan Brady commented, “This is refreshing for farmers. For the first time, we can choose which program will make us the most money for our sustainability efforts, while working with our local buyer. I need flexibility for my operations year-to-year depending on a variety of factors. I’ve experienced a lot of success with the Carbon by Indigo program and having the option to sell my crop into a sustainable crop program without leaving the Carbon program or double counting is incredibly exciting and promising for us.”

    indigo_ag_ryan_brady_kansa_fieldflex_blogKansas-based Ryan Brady on his fourth-generation farm who participates in Carbon by Indigo; Photo credit: Jim Richardson

    Indigo has built different programs to help farmers participate in different market opportunities:

    Carbon by Indigo is our registry-approved carbon credit program that rewards farmers for the carbon sequestration and emission reduction they achieve by adopting new practices. It’s available in 30 states, with 16 eligible crops and growing. Delivered through our agribusiness partners, the program serves more than 2,000 farmers who have enrolled over 5.5 million acres. Carbon by Indigo has paid farmers nearly $5 million and produced over 130,000 credits to date, including 110,000+ credits in our second carbon crop last month. Our credits have been bought by major companies in food, beverage, apparel, technology, and other industries.

    Our sustainable crop program pays farmers a price premium for producing and delivering crops with specific practices. New practice adoption is not required, making it a great option for those who have already adopted practices like no-till and cover crops. Delivered through our agribusiness partners, this program is currently available in limited geographies, but is growing rapidly. Entering its fifth year of operation, it proudly serves a top five global food company, top five global beverage company, and top five global retailer.

    FieldFlex represents the next major step in sustainability programs by giving farmers:

    • Maximum value: Indigo’s programs, delivered through local agribusiness partners, offer attractive pricing and growth potential, driven by demand from major corporations.
    • Maximum options: The widest set of farmers and fields can now generate sustainability income, even farmers who have already adopted sustainable practices.
    • Maximum flexibility: Only Indigo and our partners enable farmers to participate in both a registry-approved carbon credit program and a high-quality sustainable crop program – and they can do both on the same field over different years. (Even if a sustainable crop program isn’t available for a farmer today, they will have the flexibility to participate in both types of programs as the programs become available.)

    We do all this while maintaining the highest standards of scientific integrity in our programs. Indigo has developed proprietary technology that tracks all field-level carbon emissions and removals and ensures the environmental outcomes and benefits of each crop produced are only sold off the farm to one corporate customer, whether a carbon credit buyer or a buyer of sustainable crops. Producing high-quality sustainability solutions gives our corporate customers confidence in what they buy from Indigo and increases the income potential for farmers.

    To learn more, contact your local agribusiness to ask how you can participate in Indigo’s sustainability programs. (If they’re not partnering with us, ask them to contact Indigo.)